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A consortium of industry and university partners have engaged in a series of workshops under the banner Transformational Food Manufacturing.

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A group from industry, government, non-profits and academia convened to articulate and explore the technology barriers facing the food and beverage industry. 

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Research and development on project ideas to collectively carry out a comprehensive, transformational food manufacturing technology development enterprise. 



Transformational Food Manufacturing (TFM) is a consortium of industry and university partners hosting a series of workshops around the topic of food as an advanced manufacturing industry. The discussions lay the foundation for a national

public-private partnership to revolutionize food processing and manufacturing in the United States.  These workshops are the spearhead of a structured and strategic initiative specifically focused on addressing two grand challenges of national and global importance.

Research and development on these projects represents the foundational work to ignite the catalytic spark that not only transforms food manufacturing, but society as well; and to do it in a way that positions the U.S. food industry for increased global market share and to maintain a competitive advantage for decades to come.


The pathway to transformation is to focus on pre-competitive technologies around the themes of food safety, security and waste. In the context of commerce, these issues can be directly correlated to data and standards that transcend the supply chain. And in terms of science and technology, they can be expressed in terms of sanitation and traceability. 



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Timothy Wei, Ph.D.

Principle and Founder


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